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Optimization Projects

Bring fresh financial strategies to life. We embody the heart and soul of every project.

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Change Management

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Initial Consultation
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Finding Business Pain Points
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Cleanup Projects

A one time cleanup of financial records, ensuring accountability.

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Accounting ERP

Accounting Enterprise Resource Planning, Implementation, and technological support.

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Benefits of Our Services

The most significant advantage that hiring a fractional CFO will provide to your company is a more sophisticated financial strategy. An outsourced CFO brings years of diverse financial and industry experience to your business. From strategic planning and financial modeling to restructuring and succession planning, a CFO service can provide value-added financial analyses to elevate your business.

Produce accurate and timely financial reports

Acquire, develop and retain finance talent

Evaluate KPIs and key financial metrics

Generate insights from financial data to create a roadmap for your business

Keep internal accounting controls lean and balanced

Factor tax and legal compliance into every business decision

Roll out and ERP or digital transformation progress

Plan a merger, exit, or acquisition

Additionally, bringing someone in from the outside allows for objective and unbiased decision-making. Their work is to improve the efficiency and efficacy of your financial team. This can be achieved through overhauling reporting, redesigning the entire accounting process, and streamlining financial processes.

With a fractional CFO services, you'll get all the financial expertise you need to grow your business without the expense of an in-house CFO. Or they can take on the role of an interim CFO in the short term. Basically, you get all the power of having a CFO on board, backed by a large team of professionals. You can also expand the scope of services as your needs grow while maintaining the continuity that comes with working with a trusted advisor over the long term.

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Successfully Solved By Tanna

Tanna and the team have been valued resources to our business.  They have suggested and implemented creative accounting methods to add to the bottom line EBITDA. The team performed a pretty extensive one-time clean-up of financial data and have helped us developed a routine and consistent reporting package for shareholders, lenders and other statement users. They support our accounting staff and add on expertise with CFO oversight. They have helped lead audit and other diligence projects coordinating with our team to ensure we are prepared, coordinated and accurate.  I have more confidence in the numbers we are reporting and my understanding of those figures after working with SAFS.
Having an exceptional team around you is paramount to your success, and Tanna checks that box.

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Vick Tipnes, CEO
Blackstone Medical Services

Tanna has become my go to strategic partner over the past several years. We have had very aggressive growth over the past 5 years. With Tanna’s help, we game planned and grew revenues by 17% and profit by 45% in 2020, in a very tough year for any business. Tanna worked by our side building systems and processes in our business to allow us to see the adjustments needed to succeed. Our accounting team is now connected with the rest of the business working to help everyone understand and achieve goals. In my experience very few people show you the levers to pull and jump in to pull those levers right along with you.

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John Ferrante-Gennaro, President
Red Cap Plumbing & Air
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