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Fractional CFO Services in Tampa, FL

Your business is growing and your finances are becoming more complex, but hiring a full-time CFO is a costly investment you may not be ready to make just yet. If that sounds like you, Solved by Tanna’s part-time, fractional CFO services provide the perfect solution. We’ll help you manage your finances so that you can get back to focusing on what’s most important to you—running your business.


Fractional CFO Services

CFOs take a seat at the strategy planning table and play a vital role in influencing the direction of an organization. But most businesses, especially in their early phases, may not generate enough revenue to justify the cost of bringing an additional C-suite member on board. This is especially evident when the situation necessitating the presence of a CFO is transitory.

Hiring a fractional CFO to provide key financial services on a part-time, retainer, or contractual basis is an innovative solution to this conundrum. You get all the expertise and experience of a high-end CFO without the payroll burden of a full-time CFO. And thanks to cloud-based bookkeeping, fractional CFO services have become accessible to even the smallest companies.

So, what exactly can a fractional CFO do for you?

Extension of Your Team

As an extension of your business, a CFO service can help a company take intelligent risks, work out the kinks that hinder business growth and maximize the management of assets. A growing business needs more than accounting and bookkeeping. Your CFO may handle business strategy, financial forecasting, and budgeting, but they can also take on an advisory role, providing guidance with tailored solutions. Often CFOs become a trusted partner and become a sounding board for Management.

A strategic CFO provides the financial counseling needed to convert the CEO’s ideas to reality. Their insights go well beyond the balance sheet, helping your company function better and achieve its objectives.

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Successfully Solved

The Solved by Tanna Difference

We are hands on!  We will not only offer solutions but assist in implementation and rollout from the ground up.  Our finance professionals have decades' worth of finance and accounting expertise that businesses at all levels of growth can use to achieve real, tangible results. In today's complex and intensely competitive market, you need a CFO team.

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Technology powers the new tools and processes you need to transform your organization. We stay on the cutting edge of financial solutions so our clients can have the full suite of resources needed for savvy decision-making.

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Old school is out—partner with a team that champions the streamlined thinking needed to compete in a fast-paced business environment.

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Strategically smart.

Addressing the challenges of the finance function requires you to have access to the right people with the right skills and tools. That’s why we provide all the services you could possibly need under one roof.

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Reorganization of responsibilities and workflow allowing for more efficient utilization of staffing.

Effective Solutions Brought to Life

In everything we do, we put our clients’ needs and goals first - so the solution is personal and perfectly tailored for each one. We provide results that withstand the test of time, bringing fresh financial strategies to life.

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Experience Solved By Tanna. Everything we do prioritizes your needs, leaving no stone left unturned.